Welcome to the planning consultancy division of McWilliam Lippe, a pivotal and thriving component of our business. Since 2014, our Associate and Chartered Planning Consultant, Lesley Tierney, has played a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality of service we offer to our clients.

In response to the growing demand for comprehensive planning justification in applications, public consultation facilitation, and adept negotiation of development proposals, our planning support has become instrumental in securing planning permissions. With extensive experience spanning several years, we have achieved success in diverse development projects across North-East Scotland, encompassing large residential endeavours, bespoke individual houses, and commercial and retail developments. Additionally, we have actively participated in the realisation of sensitive conservation projects.
Picture of Lesley TierneyImage of location plans in a villageImage of location plans in a village
Our dynamic and skilled team is committed to providing expert advice on development feasibility, land use strategies, guiding opportunities through the Development Plan, and managing the entire process from planning application submissions to appeals.

Building on years of successful collaboration, we proudly serve a roster of longstanding clients who regularly benefit from our planning consultancy services. Moreover, we welcome new clients who have sought our expertise in recent years, expressing satisfaction with the exceptional service and results we consistently deliver.