Welcome to the exciting journey of creating your dream project with the help of an architect! Let's break down the architectural process (as per The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland) into stages that are easy to understand.

Architect surveying site of house plot

Stage 1.0

Preparation of the Brief

Understanding Your Vision (1.1)
We kick off by delving into your requirements and vision for the project.
Site Details and Regulations (1.2 - 1.3)
Gathering vital site information, we'll also guide you on your responsibilities under CDM regulations.
Preliminary Appraisal and Budgets (1.4 - 1.6)
We'll visit the site, assess its potential, and establish project and construction budgets based on your financial parameters.
Initial Project Outline (1.7)
Together, we'll develop an initial project outline and agree on a preliminary timetable.
Architects looking at drawing plans in an office.

Stage 2.0

Initial Design

Designing Your Vision (2.1)
Our team will create an initial design proposal that reflects your preferences and needs.
Budget and Timeline Guidance (2.2)
Providing an estimated cost and timeline, we ensure everything aligns with your expectations.
Two architects working at computer in an office.

Stage 3.0

To Planning Consent Application

Navigating Approvals (3.1 - 3.4)
Engaging with local authorities and utilities, we progress the design and prepare documents for planning permission.
Timely Updates (3.5 - 3.6)
Throughout this stage, we'll advise on procurement methods, report on the timetable, and agree on any necessary revisions.
People having a meeting hands on desk

Stage 4.0

To Building Warrant Application

Meeting Building Standards
(4.1 - 4.5)
We advance the design to meet building warrant requirements, coordinate with other consultants, and guide you through the application process.
Architect drawing on iPad in office.

Stage 5.0

Construction Documentation

Setting the Foundation (5.1 - 5.4)
We assist in selecting the right building contract, prepare detailed documents for tendering, and ensure smooth collaboration among all involved parties.
Two architects working at computer in an office.

Stage 6.0

Tender Administration

Choosing the Right Team (6.1 - 6.6)
Our team compiles a list of contractors, issues tenders, evaluates submissions, and advises on the appointment of a contractor.
Two architects onsite at a plot of a house being built

Stage 7.0

Contract Administration

Ensuring Quality and Progress (7.1 - 7.6)
We administer the contract, attend progress meetings, inspect the works, and report on each stage, ensuring transparency and your satisfaction.
Woman and man having a meeting at a table

Stage 8.0

Post Completion Work

Finalising and Handover (8.1 - 8.2)
Addressing any defects, we finalise the contract and prepare for a smooth handover.
Architect and workmen on house site having a discussion

Other Services

Beyond Design and Construction
We offer a range of services including surveys, inspections, specialist work like model making and interior design, project management, cost advice, and more.