modern new build house with brickwork, seomar


This case study involves a client who had previously secured planning approval for a new house with another architectural agent but was dissatisfied with the design's alignment with their needs. The site, formerly a slurry pit, posed challenges due to a steep embankment on three sides, including a lower area with a concrete slab.
modern new build house large window and brickwork interior, seomarmodern new build house kitchen and dining area, seomarmodern new build house staircase, seomar
Seeking an architect capable of addressing these constraints, the clients desired a residence with well-lit, functional living spaces and seamless access to the outdoors, particularly catering to modern family living. Recognising the potential impact of the site's slope on internal space quality, we conducted a comprehensive analysis based on various positions on the concrete hard standing.

Our studies indicated that centrally locating the house would be obstructed by the southern bank, affecting the achievable natural daylighting. To optimize this, we proposed siting the new house on the northern part of the slab, maximizing natural light in ground floor spaces. Acknowledging the limited views from the ground floor due to the existing bank, we recommended placing the principal living spaces at the first-floor level to enhance the overall outlook.
Sketch of a house, SeomarExternal shot of modern new build house and sky, seomar
In response to the clients' desire for modern family living, we integrated an open plan living space with full-height glazing. This design element not only embraced contemporary aesthetics but also flooded the interiors with natural light, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. To further enhance functionality, we incorporated a double garage at ground level with a terrace above, allowing direct access to the outside from the kitchen dining area and augmenting the usability of the upper bank.

Through a thoughtful design approach, we addressed the challenges posed by the site, providing our clients with a residence that not only met their vision but also embodied the essence of modern family living through open, light-filled spaces and a seamless connection to the outdoors.