External shot of white and grey house in countryside, Hillside of Dubston

Hillside of Dubston

Welcome to this exquisite private residence located on the outskirts of Inverurie, where thoughtful design meets contemporary living. The primary focus of this home was to create a spacious and interconnected ground floor, seamlessly blending the entrance hall, lounge, dining area, and kitchen with a designated family space. Distinct zones within this expansive layout are delineated by changes in floor levels and elegant glass balustrades, providing a harmonious yet functional division of space.
External shot of an entrance to a grey and white house, Hillside of DubstonInternal shot of a hallway and staircase in a house, Hillside of DubstonInternal shot of a dining area in a house, Hillside of Dubston
An essential component of the ground floor is the utility and boot room, strategically positioned to link the garage seamlessly to the side of the house, ensuring convenience and practicality in everyday living. Ascend to the first floor, and you'll discover a haven of tranquillity where the bedrooms are thoughtfully situated, offering a retreat from the vibrant activity on the lower level.
Sketch of a house - Hillside of DubstonHouse in countryside, Hillside of Dubston
Enveloping the south elevation are striking glass gables that not only provide breathtaking views but also flood the entire property with an abundance of natural daylight. This architectural choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the residence but also creates an environment that seamlessly merges the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors.