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Highfield House

In this case study, our client approached us with a distinct vision for their upcoming new build house. Having previously engaged two other architectural agents without success, Dawn and George were determined to see their dream home realised. Drawing inspiration from their time in America, where they admired houses featuring wraparound porches, open plan living, and shiplap cladding, our challenge was to adapt these elements to the unique context of the northeast of Scotland.

Fortunately, working with clients who have a well-defined vision is a tremendous advantage. We swiftly translated their ideas into tangible designs, meeting not only their aspirations but also aligning with the requirements of local planning authorities. The final outcome is a stunning residence, complete with a home office affording picturesque views, a ground floor master suite that enhances the property's long-term viability, and an array of distinctive features, such as an outdoor kitchen and a dedicated space for the couple's two cockapoos.

However, our client's vision extended beyond the main dwelling, encompassing a detached garage with a unique twist. They desired a versatile space that not only housed their vehicles but also provided dedicated guest accommodations with a kitchenette on the upper level.
External image of a modern new build house porch, Highfield houseExternal image of a modern new build house, Highfield houseInternal image of a modern new build house, Highfield house
Understanding the importance of seamlessly integrating this auxiliary structure with the overall aesthetic and functionality of the property, our design team embraced the challenge. The detached garage, designed to harmonise with the architectural style of the main house, became more than just a utilitarian space. It evolved into a distinctive feature, enhancing the overall charm of the property.

The guest accommodation on the upper level of the garage was carefully crafted to offer a comfortable and independent living space. Complete with a kitchenette, it provides guests with a private retreat, ensuring a delightful and self-sufficient stay. This thoughtful addition not only caters to the immediate needs of the homeowners but also adds a layer of convenience and versatility to the property.

This case exemplifies our ability to turn a client's vision into reality while navigating the intricacies of regional planning considerations.  
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“Ross and his team really grasped our vision and although we had a clear idea of what we wanted, they came with some fantastic concepts and money-saving tips.”
George Anderson