External shot of a commercial property, Resevoir Group


The Reservoir Group at Westpark in Blackburn was conceived as a speculative development, initially obtaining planning permission for two identical portal frame industrial buildings. These structures were meticulously designed with versatile functionalities, accommodating a range of uses. The layout was intentionally kept flexible, featuring a central core housing two stories of offices and circulation space, while leaving the remaining areas open to customisation based on the specific layout requirements of potential occupants.
Internal shot of a commercial property staircase, Reservoir GroupInternal shot of a commercial workshop, Resevoir GroupInternal shot of a boardroom, Reservoir Group
Upon securing an occupant for Unit 1, a collaborative effort ensued between the development team and the new tenant. This partnership was instrumental in tailoring the space to meet the unique needs of the occupier. Solutions were devised to create designated areas for a clean workshop, laboratory, storage facilities, and high-specification offices.
Interior shot of building reception with world clock, Reservoir GrouprExternal shot of a commercial property, Reservoir Group
This adaptive approach ensured that the Reservoir Group at Westpark not only met the standards of modern industrial spaces but also provided a customised environment that seamlessly integrated with the operational demands of the tenant.